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What is ASL Translation?


White skinned middle age man with glasses and black long sleeves with KIS logo on the side of their chest sitting in front of a blue background.

He signs: “Have you ever received a letter or notice in English that you didn’t quite understand?  Whether you’re at work, or with a health care provider, a lawyer, or any place.  You can contact KIS and we will provide an ASL version of the written document. Translation means to take an English version of something and to revise it into ASL version. For those of you that want your ASL video translated into English text, KIS can provide that too. For rates, please ask KIS to give you a reasonable estimate. If any businesses want to have their documents into ASL, please let them know that KIS is available to do so. You can also directly contact us and give us information on who to reach out for the documents. Let’s work together on our goal for access for the entire Deaf community.”

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